Planning a Wedding – What to, and not to, worry about!

Recently engaged or coming up on your “big day”? Getting engaged and married was probably the most exciting year of my life. I’ve always been one to love making plans, but I know I have my limits. After three meltdowns – and I’d call them minor meltdowns – I started to learn the worries and “not to worries” when it came to tying up all the loose ends.

1.  Separate Yourself

It’s great to know your limits and simply admit them to yourself. If you don’t have a wedding planner, you’re going to do most of the planning with the help of your M-O-H and family. It’s not uncommon to be asked the same thing over and over from multiple people. Sometimes, you just need to step back. Learn how often you need to communicate to certain family members, and share information all at one time to update everyone, rather than lots of small conversations.

Also, over-communicate with your betrothed! They should be able to answer a lot of the general questions. I’m happy, and lucky, to have had a very involved groom 🙂

2. Ask Questions

Ask your venue ALL OF THE QUESTIONS. No question is silly, redundant, or outrageous. Most wedding planners like to be challenged with difficult questions anyway. I’ll admit, I didn’t ask enough questions and we ended up having a much shorter reception than I thought we would, simply due to the miscommunication. Don’t let it happen to you! Ask and confirm everything!

3. Max Out Your Head Count

20% attrition rates are not accurate. Yes, on average, 20% of your guests will say no. Let’s say your wedding is one of the ones that is not “average”. If you have 5 additional people off that 20%, it makes a huge difference! Count up all of the possible “yes” RSVPS and calculate out your maximum costs. Better safe than sorry.

4. Make Your Guest List First

Do your guest list before you select your venue. You need to know at least your minimum space. You can expand your guest list from there.

5. DIYs Are Not Always Cheaper

DIYs are awesome, but unless you have a ton of time and the right space and resources, they don’t always make the wedding any less expensive. I planned on baking my cake AND doing my own floral arrangements. Needless to say, I changed my mind. After finding out I could do cupcakes for a few hundred dollars (rather than a cake for over $600) I went for the cupcakes!

View More: More:

I also realized flowers would be impossible to ship, store and deliver in a relaxing manor on the day of the wedding, I went with an affordable florist that made a completely custom package for us and they turned out beautiful! Thanks Calico Country Flowers!

6. Make it Your Own

While it was a little stressful to do the bridesmaids dresses this way, I wouldn’t change a thing. I gave my girls a color and had them choose their own style. We ended up with varying shades and the flowers tied everything together. I loved the way it turned out. It was WAY more affordable, and more suitable for different body types!

Bridal Party Portraits-0668.jpg

Overall, I’ve learned every day is a beautiful day for a wedding! No need to stress about the weather. Just adapt! It was cold and rainy on our May wedding day, but we will always remember the little details and how much fun we had!

Shout out to Samantha Lauren Photographie for our BEAUTIFUL photos!


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